About The Author


My name is David and I'm a native of beautiful Ontario, Canada and live about an hour north of Toronto, in the heart of cottage country.

Educated and trained as a mechanical engineer, I have spent most of my working life finding solutions to problems and designing things.

After the market crash of 2000, I decided to take a much more active role in my investing. Up until then, I relied heavily upon experts to manage my savings. After watching most of my hard earned money evaporate into thin air, I knew something had to change.

I came to the sad realization that I would have to work until the day I dropped dead because I'd likely never be able to save enough to retire. That's when I started my journey looking at some alternatives.

Stocks and securities had always captured my interest, but I didn't have any background in economics. However, trading is about probability, something I could relate to, so I decided it might be part of my solution.

Trading is really a gamble, but if you can understand and properly apply the math behind it, and know where to find certain information, there is a good chance you can profit from it... sort of like counting cards at the casino.

There can be be dirty deals in stock trading. How many times have you seen stories in the news about insider trading where the rich get richer, while the little guys get clobbered? Too many. And good luck picking the good ones from the 40,000 or so on offer!

Forex on the other hand, with it's 24 hour trading day and the daily turnover of close to 3.2 trillion dollars (more than 10 times the size of all the other financial markets of the world combined) has fewer insider issues, and I can trade when it suits me, because the market is almost always operating.

My own trials and tribulations over the past few years, learning to trade the Forex currency market have inspired me to create this website. I hope you will find something here to help you on your trading journey.

Complicated doesn't mean better

In the early days of my Forex education, I fell for many of the "get rich quick" systems that are still being sold to unsuspecting traders around the world. I have literally spent thousands of hours (and dollars) to get where I am now, and I sincerely hope you don't have to go through all of that.

I have learned there is no such thing as a perfect system, losing trades will happen and the best systems are the very simple ones that allow for losses. Complicated doesn't mean better.

You will find different products promoted throughout this website. If I suggest you try something, it is not because I will be rewarded for selling it to you, it's because I truly feel it will bring you trading profits. I will never recommend anything that I don't feel will benefit you.

Drop Me a Note

The firm that hosts this website for me strongly suggested I not include my email address here. They said I will get spammed like crazy and spend most of my time sorting through junk mail.

I listened for a while, but then realized what a dis-service I was doing to both myself and to you. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or insight that you would like to share, send me a quick note. I welcome your input!

Email systems these days have pretty aggressive spam filters and when I send you a reply (always within 2 days) most spam filters will file it in the trash. All the words like trading, money, Forex and so on set off the spam alarms, so you need to watch for my response.

You can reach me at: [email protected]

Wishing you success with both your trading and your life,
David Stevenson.