The Best Expert Advisors

Many claim to have the best Expert Advisors out there, but there are many factors which need to be considered.

A very slight difference in a dealer's quote price can mean the difference between nice profits and hitting the stop loss.

Do Some Testing

It is extremely important to thoroughly test a trading robot before you give them too much freedom with your cash. They can run great for weeks, but suddenly start to lose money, often at alarming rates, with only a slight change in market conditions.

Demo account testing is good, but don't forget that dealer demo and live platforms often have very different quote prices.

The best EA's ensure there is some kind of stop loss protection should your computer happen to go down for any reason.

Better Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive

Some very good trading robots are available for free out there. Often a group of traders will co-develop an EA through forums and put it out for everyone to test.

On the other end of the scale are electronic traders that cost thousands of dollars. Are they better? Perhaps, but I know I'll never spend that kind of money for one.

There are some quite fancy trading robots on the market that produce solid returns, yet cost a few hundred bucks or less. Check out the links above and find the one that's right for you!

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