Beware of the Forex Scam -
How to Safeguard Your Money

You always need to be mindful to protect yourself from falling victim to a Forex scam. Inevitably, when there are a group of people with money (like us traders) there will be shady characters trying their darndest to con it away from us.

Just type "Forex" into your favorite search window and look at the hits. Those 40 million or so pages are loaded with scams. Unreal claims of "you can't fail", "make thousands of dollars a day", etc, abound.

There is no such thing as easy money in Forex, except maybe for the scam artist themselves. You need to be constantly aware of the security of both your money and your personal information when conducting transactions. The decentralized nature of Forex means you need to take steps to provide some of your own Forex security.

Click here to view a very interesting article on Forex scam potential at Wikipedia. It also contains a great list of recommendations from the CFTC to help protect you. (opens in a new window)

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