Forex Signal Service

My Forex signal service (with a twist) is designed to provide you with the most reliable trading signals possible. And the best part is, you don't even need me to get them!

Over the years I have tried many different approaches to Forex trading and I have found a system that produces trading signals based upon a reliable collection of technical indicators.

The Twist

Imagine now, a signal service that not only shows you when to make a trade, but also places and manages the trade for you! Sound Good?

I know, you don't want anybody messing with your account. After all, who can you trust these days with your money?

Well, I have found a solution that you are going to love.

The Best of Both Worlds

You probably know that I have been exploring automated trading systems for some time now. You may also be aware that I was going to start a paid Forex signal service recently.

These two activities combined caused me to re-evaluate the direction I was taking.

The automated trading systems seemed to be making good progress, but often lacked the sophistication to be able to work in the current turbulent market. On the other hand, the more I thought about providing a manual signal service, the more I dreaded the thought of being stuck in front of this computer analyzing charts every 4 hours.

Then the solution showed up in my email inbox.

The Golden Goose

A friend sent me a link to a website which helped guide me to a trading robot which has and continues to make steady, significant profits.

It occurred to me that this is the ultimate Forex signal service. You don't have to sit around and wait for a signal, no more worries about being in the wrong time zone, no more staying up half the night hoping for an opportunity, and best of all... this system doesn't suffer from the common ailments of greed, fear, or any of the other pitfalls of Forex trading.

If you don't already use the MT4 trading platform, I strongly suggest you download and install MetaTrader 4 from any of the brokers that support it, and prepare yourself to be amazed.

You should stick to the larger brokers such as Alpari, IBFX, or for your own protection. There are hundreds of smaller brokers that offer MT4, but your money is always safer with the big guys.

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